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A 1918 Barn -- Thoughts on Hauling Hay on an Autumn Afternoon:  ...In an urban world where security cameras track movement without fail, these camera data are often used to uncover evidence in crimes, establish whereabouts and otherwise intrude upon human personal space with invasive insensitivity to the concept of privacy -- I found this barn of 1918 a quiet, timeless (aging gently) beauty of wisdom.  Carrying without a word its history in its simple, unadorned display of objects all resting upon each other in dramatic sunlight as if belonging together to each other (which they do in sharing a common past)... However,  the timeline suffers in examination:  Simple plastic discarded after the cows were long gone from their daily work of providing milk to the community, resting inside a rusted watering iron dish made, perhaps, 90 years ago having quenched the thirst of a mother cow too many times to count or imagine... but rusting which the plastic will never do in its long, enduring lifetime.<br />
Gathering dust, preserving memories, aging gently in this beautiful memory, never yet captured until today.   Margaret M. Savino, Ph.D.   written 10/10/09