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St. Giles Church Oxford, England, UK Cemetery , medieval English church set in the historic city of Oxford.  History. Oxford's St. Giles Church is first mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086 which recorded that the owner of the land north of the city intended to build a Romanesque-style church on it. The church was finished in 1120, but not consecrated until 1200. In 1138, the Empress Matilda and her son Henry Plantagenet (the future Henry II) granted the church and all its property to the newly created Godstow Priory..At the time of its founding, the St. Giles Church stood in the midst of fields and there were no buildings between it and the city walls, which was marked by the Church of St Michael at the North Gate. The city had a population of about 1,000, all crowded inside the walls. Over the centuries, houses and other buildings began to gather around the church and today it lies between two busy streets. .