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Coleus Plant in Sunlight horizontal DSC_3523a.jpg delicate plants have colored leaves or beautiful flowers. These plants are natives of Indonesia and Africa. Coleus plants that have ornamental leaves are descended from C. Blumei, which has nettle-like, bronze-colored leaves. The colors of their foliage range through yellow, red, crimson, and pink. The flowers that are produced on the varieties grown for their colorful leaves are hardly noticeable. Others have plain green leaves but bear gorgeous spikes of blue flowers in the winter. They are not good as houseplants, but will survive in a greenhouse having a minimum night temperature of 55-60 degrees with a 5-10 degrees rise in the daytime and a fairly humid atmosphere. Coleus fredericii is an annual or biennial plant that has deep purple flowers in late winter or early spring. It grows 3-4 feet tall. C. amboinicus is a shrubby plant that grows about 2 feet tall. It has thick, brittle, fuzzy green leaves that have a strong aroma. Their flowers are lavender-pink.