About A Lingering Eclipse™ Studio

Latest News!  Margaret M. Savino included and attends  the Berlin Foto Biennial Oct. 6, 2016 show opening.  Review events: http://www.berlinfotobiennale.com/

Margaret M. Savino, owner of A Lingering Eclipse Studio, offers direct image photo licensing and original mixed media graphic design based upon philosophical, conceptual artwork creation.  She creates HD motion and still photography in a documentary style with a range of originally designed, innovative & creative projects.  A Lingering Eclipse Studio library offers 70,000 images in all media & subjects.
Ms. Savino is bi-lingual in English & Spanish. She splits her time between Bay area California and rural Mid-west Wisconsin and is available for worldwide assignment.

Ms. Savino enjoys membership in the following organizations: Advertising Photographers of America (San Francisco Chapter) and American Society of Picture Professionals. Her portfolio is included in the AgPix Agency www.AgPix.com/MSavino as well as British-based Alamy Agency Stock photography by Margaret M. Savino at Alamy    , Paris-based Worldwide Assignment and was invited to be part of the Adobe Photographers Directory. She is also represented by several other national & international agencies and is an active member of the Cornell University Entrepreneur Network.

Ms. Savino holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University & has taught college level Philosophy, Ethics & Sociology as well as her professional work in conducting Planning, Evaluation & Research projects. She has always been a practicing, exhibiting, photographer and visual-conceptual artist having begun her photography at age 8.  She is comfortable working in her digital studio or print darkroom, often combining her painting, graphic illustration and multi-media approach for original project design.

Dr. Savino explains her integration of many diverse interests as a natural consequence of exploring life through art:
"Creative pursuits are an opportunity for opening new horizons of thought ...laying a foundation for experiencing beauty and personal expression throughout one's lifetime... As humans, we need to be encouraged to experience the beauty contained in the subjects of the Humanities... As a social being, we need to have leisure and enjoyment so as to fully develop our own talents and feelings... As humans, we must be able to experience with our senses, and express with our talents... This is the basis of the study of Humanities, the place where we begin to understand the potential of human nature in courses such as philosophy, music, art, theater, literature and poetry." Written by Margaret M. Savino, Ph.D. Copyright, 2003 "Justification of the Need for Humanities in Core Curricula"

Ms. Savino's recent photographs (since 2007) have been published in brochures, magazines, books, textbooks, newspapers & online websites for commercial, advertising, editorial, educational, & travel use. L.E. Studio clients & publications include: Reader's Digest, AAA; Harcourt; McGraw-Hill; Scholastic Junior; Wiley; Ski Magazine; Pearson UK; The Picture Professional; Nursery Retailer.  She is currently writing several Photography books including "Portraits of the Andes" based upon 4 years living & working in Bolivia & a book combining her photographs & creative writing.
Ms. Savino holds an advanced Master Gardener certification, growing food for the local pantry and often photographing her own gardens & harvest. Her artwork, photography, painting, fibers, metal sculpture & illustration has been purchased for US permanent National Collections & has been exhibited in more than 45 shows. 

She has received awards & honors exhibiting her work locally & nationwide -- most recently:

October, 2015 Letter received from: Managing Director and Coordinator  International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography:  "I am pleased to inform you that as a result of the curatorial evaluation of your work submitted to the 7th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, you are cordially invited to participate in the 4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography to be held in Berlin on August 2016."

June, 2015 Finalist in the categories of both Fine Art and Portrait in the 7th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers.  http://www.galaawardsgallery.com/7th-ed-jmca.html

--October, 2014  Black and White Spider Awards:  Nominee for Fine Art Photography Category:   "Lone Cowboy Guarding Sheep"

--May, 2012 Copyright Alliance Invitational Exhibit, Gates Building Washington DC    Photograph from my series THE PHILOSOPHY POSTERS "Beauty or Beast, an International Conversation -- Hand Guns"
--Dec. 2010 - January, 2011 
"Smithsonian Key Ingredients Exhibit" Three of Ms. Savino's original creations are included in the regional Exhibition: Two vegetable garden photographs and one of her collage posters with photographs of the "PepsiCo / Frito-Lay potato breeding program" are included in the regional traveling show located in the Northwoods of WI.

--The 2009 Winter Issue of "The Picture Professional" selected her photograph, "Who's Looking at Whom?" for inclusion in the featured "Humor Portfolio".